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If you are tired of using the regular cup out of your kitchen measuring set and feel it's just aggravating. Remarkable how much difference a thicker deeper pet food measuring cup with longer handle makes when reaching into the bag. The color is attractive and it measures correctly without wasting or over-feeding. It is so durable that can hold up to anything of possible dropping, hitting it on the counter, throwing it in the dishwasher. Features 1. The material is a hard plastic which is thick and sturdy, safe and smooth to use for pets, easy to clean 2. It is just one-cup capacity with accurate measurement. Avoid any wasting and over-feeding. 1 flat spoon is about 110g. 3. The long ergonomic handle is easy to use and control without being bulky, and also works as a sealing bag clip to keep bag sealed 4. It makes scooping a lot easier instead of pouring pelettes out of the bag and sealing it with a clip. 5. There are various vibrant colors for choice. Choose one you like to make feeding more enjoyable 6. It can be used for both dry and liquid measurements. Can be also used for measuring seasonings in kitchen.


Key Benefits

  • Food Grade MaterialThe pet food scoop is made of premium ABS food grade material, durable and sturdy, thick and smooth while being completely safe for your lovely pets.
  • 1 Cup CapacityThe pet measuring spoon is a one-cup capacity. It is used to measure pet food capacity accurately to make a standard diet and to avoid your pets overfeeding.
  • Multifunctional HandleThe handle of this plastic measuring cup is not only ergonomic for easy grip, but also it is a sealing clipper. Clip the pet food bag to seal tightly in case the food goes bad
  • Vibrant ColorsThere are 5 vibrant colors available for choice: gray & green, white & blue, white & gray, bright blue & coffee pink, brown & coffee pink. The vivid contrast of colors makes feeding pet most enjoyable
  • Wide ApplicationOur pet food feeding spoon can be used for both dry or liquid measurements. It makes scooping pet's food quick and easy. You can also use it for measuring flour and seasoning while cooking or baking.

PetPro Curve Multifunctional Dog Food Spoon with Sealed Bag Clip Creative Design

SKU: 366615376135191
$16.99 Regular Price
$11.89Sale Price
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  • Product color: gray green / white blue / white gray / blue pink / pink coffee
    Product material: Premium ABS
    Product size: 20*8*4cm

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